Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's my carbon footprint for a 500km drive from Malacca to Penang?

I was curious to figure out what is the carbon footprint of my car and a 500km journey.
A bit of googling, I figure out from US EPA that 1 US gallon of gasoline produces about 8.788 kg of CO2 or 2.321544 kg of CO2 per litre.
My car's mileage is about 0.065 litres/km or 15.4 km/litre.
So, for a 500km journey from Melaka to Penang should consume about:
500 km x 0.065 l/km = 32.5 litres of petrol.

So, the CO2 released for burning 32.5 litres of petrol:
32.5 litres x 2.3215 kg/l = 75.45 kg of CO2

Finally for my journey from Penang - Malacca - Penang: 2 x 75.45 = 150.90 kg of CO2 for this weekend holiday trip.
Bad bad boy...
Anyway, Happy Diwali to my Indian... :-)
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