Monday, August 25, 2008

Wireless Laser Mouse

Just bought a Lexma wireless laser mouse for RM70 at the last PC Fair.
I was kinda pleasantly surprised by its precision and sensitivity. If you still remember the jump in precision and sensitivity between older roller ball mouse and current LED based optical mouse, there is also a similar jumps in precision and accuracy when switching to laser mouse.
It works on almost any surface, much better than standard optical mouse.
Well, it was mainly for my mum, she was complaining of shoulder pain because of playing too much casual games and the computer desk isn't exactly ergonomic.
So I thought that getting a wireless laser mouse would enable her to use the mouse in a more natural comfortable position like using the mouse on a pillow on the lap instead of stretching her hand to a less comfortable position on the desk.
Another interesting thing about laser mouse is that it seems to use infrared laser, so it is not visible unlike red LED optical sensors used in the common optical mouse.
Lastly, it works out-of-box with Kubuntu/Linux!
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