Sunday, August 26, 2007

Now my car roars with 110db twintone horn

About 2 years ago, I had an auto accident (luckily no one was seriously injured) and damaged my front bumper and the horn was also replaced. But after I got my car back from the workshop, I realized that they gave me an cheap horn that is soft and squeak like a little kitten, far worse that the stock horn.

I have been wanting to change it for some time and recently, there was a few occasion when some reckless drivers dangerously cuts in front of me, forcing me to slam the brakes and also horn, but what came out was a mere little kitten squeak. So yesterday, I finally decided I had enough of the ineffective horn.

As I am sorta the DIY guy and also I been wanting to learn more about fixing my car,I decided to fix it myself. I could learn more about car wiring and save some money. First, I took a spanner to remove the horn, took it back into my room and experimented with it. I found that electric horn connection terminal are not polarized, so we can connect +12V and GND from my power supply to any of the two terminals. Using a multimeter to measure the current consumption, the horn drains about 4.2A or approximately 50W.

Old horn removed

Next, I went to an auto accessories and bought a Hella New Generation Twin Tone Horn for RM58.00. On the box, it states the sound pressure level is 110db and rate input power of 2 x 72W. I also bought a few connector for the wiring.

Later, I went home to install the horn. There are generally several types of horn connection for cars as shown in the installation instruction at the back of the box.

The existing horn has the 3rd configuration - one wire. After a few minutes of wiring and screwing the new pair of horn in place:

New Horns

Finally, a quick press on the horn button on the steering wheel... HORN!!!
Yeah, it is loud and the twintone sounds nice. I would like to try a few more times, but that will probably disturb the neighbours... hehehe..
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