Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moonlight: Silverlight for Linux/Mono

I just found out that the guys at Mono has hacked up a version of Linux clone of Microsoft's Silverlight that was just release a couple of months ago. They called it moonlight.
Another interesting fact is that the it was done in just 21 days of intensive hack-a-thon!
Working on a project that uses.NET Framework 3.0, I find that the XAML and WPF is pretty interesting technology for GUI as it allows "declarative programming" where UI design is separated from coding. While some may argue that Qt's ui files and GTK's Glade already offers such capability, XAML seems more easily readable and could be manually edited with notepad to create pretty powerful effects without a designer tool.
It would be interesting to monitor the progress of this project and also the future of Silverlight, if it will revolutionize the Web as claimed by Microsoft.
Another interesting component in .NET Framework 3.0 that I would really like to see on Linux is Windows Cardspace which provides a new approach to identification and authentication beyond the current widely used yet weak username/passwords because hey, I always forget my passwords for website that I frequent less often. Currently, I depend on password saving tools in Firefox, KDE Wallet but they aren't prefect.
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