Saturday, April 14, 2007

KTorrent rediscovered and it ROCKS!

I have just rediscovered KTorrent and I find it as a great alternative compared to more mainstream Bittorrent clients. Previously, I was using Azureus as it is feature packed and portable. I have been using it for a couple of years when Windows was still my primay OS and Linux was mainly for fun. It has I have tried KTorrent earlier but it was not stable has less features.

After installing Kubuntu, I tried to reinstall Azureus and it worked with gcj/gij implementation of JAVA but it was somewhat slow and unreliable. But I was a little lazy to download real Java runtime from Sun. So I decided to try the KTorrent that is part of default installtion. It is KTorrent 2.1 and 10 minutes later... I loved it. It has all the feature that I need from a Bittorrent client such as:
  • PeerGuardian IP blocking

  • Protocol Encryption

  • DHT, which is compatible with mainline version

  • Web UI

  • and it's UI is more responsive that Azureus

  • So, if you are using KDE, try it out!
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