Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's a monster and it's a 12cm, 12V DC Fan!

I have just got a 12cm fan from my company's scrap parts. It is a poweful fan that I have just installed in computer. To do that I know a Dremel would be a great tool for case mod like this but I don't have one. Using a hacksaw, a plier and a set of files, I was able to cut a hole at the top of the casing and installed the fan. It wasn't great, but it works.

I can't post any picture yet as I don't have a camera with me now and my camera phone was stolen :(

Because the fan is so powerful, when it is powered at full speed, it will suck so much air out of the casing that it interrupted the air flow into the PSU. Therefore, I'll need to build a PWM controller circuit to control the fan speed.
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